Press - Blueprint -So Alive - Music Video

...The video, directed by Maria Juranic, is equally inventive, employing a number of DIY special effects with great results."Go HERE

So Alive is a jam. Let's start off with that and then we can talk about the magical music video. They create a music video that focuses on paper coming to life in various forms which goes right along with the song's title of coming alive again. I could watch this video and jam to this song over and over and over again..." Go HERE

...Given the erratic nature of the song, it only makes sense that the visuals are equally caffeinated. They jump from one perspective to the next as it goes from Blueprint standing in a city at night to a point-of-view shot of a paper airplane. It's experimental and artsy without being too much of either while also remaining wholly accessible..." Go HERE

I spend a retarded amount of time on youtube watching music videos, and I have to admit this is one of the best video-concepts I've seen in a long time... -LunaticAssnGotzGame Go HERE

Press - P.O.S - Optimist - Music Video

The video combines traditional graffiti-style animation, stop-motion paper cut-outs, deadly miniature car stunts, and a minimal beat pounded out on plastic cups. It's a pretty amazing piece of work. Must've taken about 15 years to put together. Lucky for us, it only takes like three minutes to watch. So, let's watch.." Go HERE contains a bunch of little tidbits of artistic goodness, including what looks like a Michel Gondry re-imagining of a Toy Story race and P.O.S. doing, as he puts it, “that thing with the cups.”..." Go HERE

Brooklyn Street Art Collaboration

THIS JUST IN: NEW BROKEN CROW, OVER UNDER VIDEO BY MARIA JURANIC "Here is a super cool stop-action video by the very talented on-the-road artist and filmmaker Maria Juranic, who spent the day with Broken Crow, Over Under, and BSA last week"-Go HERE

"John Grider ( Broken Crow) is one of my favorite stencil / street artists and an all-around good guy. Check out this cool stop-motion video collaboration with Maria Juranic Broken Crow..."


Thanks Chirsty! Check it HERE "Juarnic's use of cut and paste graphics, bizzare morph effects, stop motion and childhood trappings lends itself to a lot of intriguing possibilities visually. What's more is that the conventions that she typically uses are pretty simple. These aren't 'Avatar' style effects that she's employing here and it doesn't need to be. Every video definately employs a very D.I.Y. , cut n' paste, artsy, gritty, punk rock feel."

"What I feel is even cooler than all of that is how Juaraic can pull off a decidedly cut n paste, animated visual style and then seamlessly switch gears altogether to create something like her short "Phantom" demo piece. That one is (literally and figuratively ) a whole other visual monster.  It's gorgeously creepy and deliciously disturbing. You seriously don't want to miss this one, kids!"

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"Mo Ria is sincerely uber talented.  Talent shoots from her eyes and her ears.  Unicorns and rainbows shoot out of her foot prints when she walks.  Seriously!" Go HERE