Thanks Chirsty! Check it HERE "Juarnic's use of cut and paste graphics, bizzare morph effects, stop motion and childhood trappings lends itself to a lot of intriguing possibilities visually. What's more is that the conventions that she typically uses are pretty simple. These aren't 'Avatar' style effects that she's employing here and it doesn't need to be. Every video definately employs a very D.I.Y. , cut n' paste, artsy, gritty, punk rock feel."

"What I feel is even cooler than all of that is how Juaraic can pull off a decidedly cut n paste, animated visual style and then seamlessly switch gears altogether to create something like her short "Phantom" demo piece. That one is (literally and figuratively ) a whole other visual monster.  It's gorgeously creepy and deliciously disturbing. You seriously don't want to miss this one, kids!"

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"Mo Ria is sincerely uber talented.  Talent shoots from her eyes and her ears.  Unicorns and rainbows shoot out of her foot prints when she walks.  Seriously!" Go HERE